Surgery Information

 Suggestions and Complaints

We aim to provide a high quality service at all times. We recognise that there may be occasions when our service falls short of what you may expect from us. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with the Practice Manager.
Alternatively you may write to the Practice Manager.

The rights and Responsibilities of the Patient

At all times you will be treated with courtesy and respect. We ask that you treat all staff with the same courtesy and respect.

You will be given appropriate treatment and will be referred to the appropriate consultant if and when the GP deems necessary.

We run an appointment system, you will be given a time which the Doctor or Nurse hope to be able to see you.

Please ensure you keep your appointment. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please cancel it as soon as possible.

If you are dissatisfied with the service we provide you have a right to leave our list and re-register with another practice. You do not need permission from our GP to change to another practice.

Cover will be arranged for medical emergencies at all times.

Your Local NHS England

For details of all primary care services in the area, look at NHS England Guide to Primary Care Services at or get the information you need at NHS England also produces Your Guide to Local Health Services.

Patient Preference of practitioner

A patient has a right to express a preference to receive services from a particular performer or class of performer either generally or in relation to any particular condition. Expressions of preference are to be made in writing to the Practice Manager.

Aggression and Abuse

This practice considers aggressive behaviour to be any personal, abusive and aggressive comments, cursing and/or swearing, physical contact and aggressive gestures.

No abuse of staff is acceptable. All abuse will be reported to the practice manager who will report to NHS England and the Police. If appropriate, the practice manager will send a formal letter to the patient. A copy will be kept in the patients electronic medical records. Any response to the letter will be recorded.

Patients with particular needs

Our surgery is accessible to patients using a wheelchair. We also have parking spaces outside our practice which are reserved for patients displaying a disabled sticker. Our practice can arrange interpretation and translation services. Please inform the practice if you require this service.

Patients not seen within three years

If you have not been seen at the surgery for three years (or one year for those over 75) you can request a check up appointment if you wish.

How the practice uses personal health information

Dr Kaul & Dr G K Gill & Dr S Kaul Provide posters and patient leaflets to explain why information is collected about you and the ways in which this information may be used.



As of Monday 21st December 2020 our practice is pleased to be able to start offering

Covid-19 Vaccinations to our patients.


Dr Kaul & Partners patients will attend the appointed vaccination hub located at;-


Bloxwich Active Living Centre

High Street




Given the enormity of this task the practice and its staff will be working where

possible up to 7 days a week from 08:00 to 20:00 to ensure all eligible patients for the
vaccine are contacted and booked into the hub to receive their vaccine.
Patients over the age of 80 will be amongst the first group of patients to receive
the vaccine along with healthcare workers.

All patients will require 2 courses of the vaccine.

Once you have attended for your 1st dose of the vaccine you will be booked in for your 2nd
dose before you leave the hub this can be between 3 and 12 weeks after the 1st dose. It is
essential that each patient has 2 courses of the vaccine to increase immunity against the virus.
As you may have seen in the news the Pfizer vaccine which is the
one we currently have licensed is extremely fragile and can only be transported
in sub-zero temperatures. The vaccine has to be defrosted
at the hub and then drawn up and used within matter of days.

The hub will have to then

administer 975 vaccines per week to ensure there is no wastage.
We urge patients to keep their appointments once booked.
Many thanks